Creative Design Studios Updates Black Marble Global to v1.2

Black Marble

Creative Design Studios has released Black Marble Global v1.2. The developer, also known as Chris Bell, impacts a range of products including the Base package, the Vector Pack and even the Traffic Manager.

The biggest change with this update is that the data for the product is based off of a dataset acquired in June 2019. This means that all roads, traffic areas and bridge data has been reined and improved upon what was previously available. It is also confirmed that 3D bridges have received a dedicated manager for maximum control over each road class.

To install the new update, it is said that you should uninstall any existing products and then install the new version fresh from a brand new download. According to Chris, the correct order for uninstalling is:

  1. Traffic Pack
  2. 3D Bridges
  3. Vector pack
  4. Base

If you’re looking for the new product update, you can download it from your store account.

Further to the news of the update, Chris also said that there is “more to come in the upcoming weeks” referring to texturing and modelling updates. In addition, he also said that there is also a surprise which they have yet to reveal. That product […] [resolves] a major native limitation once and for all.”

You can purchase Black Marble (and a range of similar products) from the website.

Full list of updated products

Black Marble Base                             v1.2.0
Black Marble Vector Pack                v1.2.0
Black Marble 3D Bridges                  v1.2.0

Black Marble Traffic Pack                v1.2.0
Black Marble CPanel                         v1.2.0
Black Marble Traffic Manager         v1.2.0
Black Marble 3D Bridges Manager v1.2.0

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