CoPilot for ToLiss A319 Released


JARDesign has released a CoPilot plugin for the popular Airbus A319 from ToLiss on X-Plane 11. The copilot will listen to you, execute commands, and read checklists. The copilot’s name is Linda and she is a well qualified A319 first officer.

Linda has a 3D copilot body that is animated. She can recognize and execute your commands and speak with you. Normal procedures are able to be followed by Linda along with operation based on inflight events that are detected by various flight parameters. A demo version can be downloaded allowing the use of Linda up to the takeoff phase. JARDesigns’ A319 CoPilot can be purchased from the Store for $14.95. A full features list can be found below for those who wish to learn more.

  • Animated 3D CoPilot body
  • Recognize and execute your commands
  • Can speak with you
  • Ability to read checklists
  • Operate with flight events (based on flight parameters detection)
  • Execute SOP (Normal Procedures, Limited)
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Daniel Wasinski

The author Daniel Wasinski

I have been a flight sim enthusiast for over 10 years starting with Flight Simulator X. Always eager to listen and gain knowledge about all things flying whether it be in the sim or the real world. Currently, a student pilot enrolled at ATP Flight School so I can turn my hobby into a career. I can always be found in the evening on projectFly crisscrossing the United States in my 737!
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