Columbus International Airport (KCMH) Released for X-Plane 11

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Scenery developer AeroDesign has released Columbus International Airport (KCHM) for X-Plane 11. The airport, which is in downtown Columbus, Ohio, sees regular traffic from airlines such as American Airlines, United, Delta and more. The airport boasts 2 runways, both over 8,000ft so you can take a variety of aircraft to and from the airport.

AeroDesign has worked to create a realistic version of the airport including a range of features such as high-resolution textures, 3D models which are performance friendly, HDR night lighting and winter effects. Furthermore, the scenery product also includes custom ground markings and high-resolution orthophotos. Once extracted, Columbus International Airport (KCMH) will take up 3GB of data on your hard drive.

At the time of writing, you can buy AeroDesign Columbus International Airport (KCHM) for X-Plane 11 on for $19.95. The usual price is $21.95, but we are unsure when the price will go back up.

AeroDesign Columbus International Airport (KCHM)

  • Highly accurate and detailed 3d model of the Concourse/Terminal and surrounding airport buildings
  • High resolution textures for the Concourse and immediate surroundings
  • Performance friendly 3d models for the entire airport
  • Normal mapping and reflections for an enhanced user experience
  • Baked Ambient Occlusion
  • HDR night lighting
  • Winter Effects
  • Custom high resolution ground textures and markings
  • High resolution orthophotos


  • Ambient airport sounds using the SoundXP plugin courtesy of the wonderful X-Codr Designs
  • World Traffic 3 support courtesy of the amazing Cpt. K-Man
  • SAM implementation for dynamic jetways
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