ChasePlane Beta 0.4 Released

A little over a year after the very first Alpha release of ChasePlane, it has come out with probably it’s biggest update yet. FSFX Packages, developer of the very popular camera addon, has released Beta 0.4 of the tool. The update comes with some huge improvements. We’ll take some time to go through all of those down below.

Make sure to watch our recent video on ChasePlane, that goes into more detail on the upcoming update and especially the new replay system.

To update to Beta 0.4, you simply need to turn on experimental updates in the applications preferences. Control assignments and preferences might not synchronise correctly if you update, so make sure to take a screenshot of them first.

Performance Improvement

FSFX has done a lot on the performance aspect of this tool. You can expect much faster startup times and a general 2-4x improve of the performance while using it, resulting in much smoother camera movements.

Hot Corners

A new feature in this version of ChasePlane is Hot Corners. This allows you to set transitions and triggers if you move your mouse to a certain area of the screen. So you don’t need to open your menu or click a button every time to change the camera.

Replay System

By far the biggest addition to ChasePlane, the replay system. People that record videos and / or take screenshots are gonna love this. ChasePlane will allow you to back in time up to 1200 seconds and replay your flight. The interface will mark interactions you have done during your flight for more precise timing. This feature is simple at start, but the team of FSFX is very committed to improve it over time.


Temporarily zoom in your camera to search for airports or other aircraft, or simply admire your scenery.

Preset Reordering

Click and drag, it’s that simple now.

Offline Capabilities

Last, but definitely not least. Maybe one of the most requested features of ChasePlane, especially during the last few months. Gone are the days where you would need an online connection to connect with the FSFX servers to make ChasePlane work. You can now use ChasePlane completely offline. Your presets will now be stored locally and synced whenever your connection becomes available.

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Great updates!

So glad this add-on has come to be, and I could get rid of this awful ezdok!