ChartFox AIP Charts Released

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Over on the VATSIM forums, ChartFox announced its first release. ChartFox is a product aimed at collecting every countries individual instrument procedure charts, and offering them in an easy to use and single solution. This would be really useful for those without access to AIP charts, as VATSIM controllers often rely on users having access to these. Of course, you can also replace your existing charts solution with this one. The charts currently already cover a large number of countries and airports, with 20.000 charts and 1706 airports covered.

ChartFox will be updated with every AIRAC to make sure you have the latest information available. It also comes with some other handy features, such as a dock where you can save charts for quick access between charts and the ability to share your charts to a friend. ChartFox works in your browser, on your tablet and even on your phone. But most of all, ChartFox is available for free right now. Simply sign up on the website through your VATSIM account to get access to it right away.

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