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Carenado Updates Their King Air B200 for X-Plane 11

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In an announcement on their Facebook page, Carenado has updated their twin prop King Air B200 to version 1.1 for X-Plane 11.

As X-Plane 11 is now on build 11.30, Carenado has been busy updating their aircraft to take advantage of the vast array of features available to them.

Flight dynamics have been adapted to work with X-Plane’s latest physics fixes with notable changes to the landing gear, flaps, cruise speeds and fuselage drag. To coincide with these fixes, changes have also been made to the trim, prop feathering, the centre of gravity balance and rudder improvements.

Other interesting fixes include improvements to the VR configuration making click spots less obstructive on the yoke in particular.

For extra realism, a new exhaust blur effect has been added using a new particle system.

The full changelog can be found below.

If you don’t own the Carenado B200 King Air HD Series, then head on over to simMarket where you can buy it now for €31.90 (Excl.VAT)


  • Fixed lights
  • Adapted flight dynamics to XP11.30’s latest physics fixes (gear, flap, & fuselage drag, beta mode, cruise speeds).
  • Tweaked fuel flow for FL200 and up
  • Adjustments to prevent “hot starts”.
  • Fixed radio tuning knobs
  • Autopilot heading issue addressed
  • Moved cockpit to inside “objects” folder
  • Improved VR configuration, and made yoke click spots less obtrusive in VR
  • Created exhaust blur using a new particle system
  • Adapted throttle quadrant handles to new “drag rotate” manipulator standard
  • Corrected quick view locations
  • Adjusted trim, prop feathering, CG, rudder phaseout.
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