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Carenado Releases Saab 340 for X-Plane 11


Renowned developers, Carenado have released their Saab 340 for X-Plane. Carenado previously released the aircraft for P3D and FSX in April 2018, and they have now made the aircraft available to the X-Plane community too. 

The Saab 340 is a Swedish regional turboprop, manufactured throughout the 1980s and 1990s and has seen service with small regional airlines such as Silver Airways, PenAir and Loganair.

The development includes 4K PBR textures, HDR lighting and an in-depth sound package with the help of third-party developers, FMOD. The aircraft also takes full advantage of the updates to X-Plane version 11.30 and the use of the Laminar Research FMC that integrates into the Saab 340. Take a look below to see screenshots and the full list of features.

The Saab 340 can be purchased through the Carenado website for $39.95 which is approximately £30.50.


Feature List

  •  In-depth FMOD sound design implementation including distance effects and reverse prop custom sounds
  • Customised flight dynamics using X-Plane’s turboprop model new for version 11.30
  • Support for librain plugin to enable windshield icing and water effects
  • Custom systems include:
    • Autopilot
    • EHSI and EADI systems
    • MFD with moving map
    • Torque on take-off system
    • Electrical system
    • Starter Logic
    • Fuel systems
    • Dynamic prop logic
    • Bleed air system
    • Avionics busses
    • Hydraulic, electrical temp and de-ice systems
    • Passenger cabin and cockpit oxygen systems
    • Integrated FMC from Laminar Research
    • Dynamic HDR 3D tail, wing, beacon and strobe lighting
    • Modelled and working GPU
    • Animated internal steps and doors
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Jordan Williams

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Jordan works in operations for a brewery, pub and hotel company in London. He lives with his partner and dog in Wimbledon. Discovering flight simulation when the 3x CD FS2002 was released. He then followed the natural progression up until P3D, where he switched platforms to X-Plane 11. When he is not working or flying (sat at his desk), he enjoys playing the drums, rowing, cycling and running.
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