Carenado PA-42 Cheyenne III Coming Soon

Carenado has released preview screenshots on their Facebook of their upcoming PA-42 Cheyenne III for both FSX and P3D. There is not much information on it but it will surely be equipped with support for GTN 750, 4K textures and the usual 6 PDFs like the rest of the Carenado fleet.

More will come on this aircraft once we have the information but until then take a look at these preview screenshots. For more head over to Carenado’s Facebook page. We made a previous post about this aircraft when it was first announced which can be found here.

Personally the Cheyenne is one of my favorite GA twin prop aircraft.  In the preview shots you can see the PA-42 Cheyenne III in three different liveries, and even a Lufthansa Flight Training livery.

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