Captain Sim Releases Hotfix 2 for the 757 Captain III

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Just over a month ago, Captain Sim released their 757 Captain III for P3Dv4. It was met with some positive views from the community, but lots of feedback to help make the aircraft even better. A few weeks after, hotfix 1 was released addressing some of the concerns, and the team committed to listening to the community for more feedback. A few minutes ago, the team released hotfix 2 which has added a whole bunch of new features and fixes to the 757 Captain III.

One of the most featured requests was the addition of having fuel and payload added to the FMC instead of using the complex method of external managers and in-sim fueling pages. Furthermore, you can also use the FMC to determine the ZFW, jetway control and control the pushback. Other improvements include 40 additional cockpit control sounds, window wiper sound effects and the CDU is now a pop-out. Some of the bigger bugs has also been addressed including fuel flow, VNAV fixes, cost index calculations and an improvement on the CI/Mach number.

To install, you can download the update file from here. Once done, make sure P3DV4 isn’t running and install the update. The patch will overwrite all modifications of the original product. It’s not clear if you need to have hotfix 1 installed first. Just in case you do, you can get that from here.

Captain Sim has said to continue watching their forum for further updates and improvements.

Full Change log:

– ZFW and CG management via FMC is added.
– Fuel management via FMC is added.
– Payload management via FMC is added.
– Pushback control via FMC is added.
– Jetway control via FMC is added.
– A separate tiller axis is added.
– 40+ cockpit controls sounds are added.
– Window wipers sound is added.
– CDU pop-ups are added.
– The A/P disconnect sound is added.
– PAX cabin on/off selection is added.

– Fuel Flow is corrected.
– VNAV speed/alt restrictions are fixed.
– VNAV is improved.
– Cost Index calculation is improved.
– CI/Mach Number calculation is improved.
– Cockpit sounds are improved.
– The F/D bars readability is improved.
– Seat belt chime volume is increased.
– The Captain’s seat view is re-mapped to F9 hotkey.
– The Manual is updated.

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