[Update] Captain Sim Cancels 767 Freighter but Releases GE Engine Expansion

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Update: Moments ago, Captain Sim announces that whilst the 767F is still not happening, the 767CF (converted freighter) is indeed coming. This will be included as a free update to the GE Engine Expansion Pack. Also they have already changed the name of their expansion pack from 767-3GE to the 767-3CF. A 19-second teaser video was also shared.

The real kicker is that the 767-300CF will not feature any cargo door animations and no cargo management tools.

Thanks to Samoilov K for the update tip.


Original Article published 24th July @ 16:07z

Captain Sim has taken to Facebook to tell the community they have made a “tough” decision to “terminate” their 767 Freighter development. The news really comes out of the blue and no real explanation has been given. However, the team said the “bright side” is that they have released a new expansion pack for the 767 Captain II that adds GE CF6-80C2 engines.

The new 767-3GE EXPANSION brings a “highly detailed and accurate digital replica” of the aircraft type with CF6-80C2 engines. The feature list included is like-for-like of the original 767, meaning nothing new other than the engine modelled has been included. However, it’s really important to note that the 767-3GE does not come with a new sound set. It uses the sounds paired with the original 767-300ER Base Package.

If buying a new engine type for the 767 is for you, then you can buy the expansion for $24.99. It looks as though Captain Sim is using their previous fear of missing out tactics again and listed the price as though it’s on sale. You will need to own the 767 Base Pack in order to use the expansion.

Perhaps what is most baffling is that this exact engine type powers the 767F. Regardless, Captain Sim seem clear that we will not be seeing the 767 variant any time soon, despite last saying that the expansion was confirmed well over a year ago.

Things seem very messy right now with Captain Sim, following a terrible 777 release on Microsoft Flight Simulator and the weird stance they had on liveries for their products.

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