Captain Sim Announce Boeing 767 II


After weeks of teasing, Captain Sim has finally confirmed that they are working on a brand new Boeing 767.

Captain Sim teased, we begged, and now it’s official that we are getting a 767 for P3D. It appears it will be completely rebuilt much like their 757. The flight deck will be fully loaded with advanced systems such as the FMC, both LNAV and VNAV, and many more systems. With high-resolution textures, this aircraft will fit nicely in the modern sim setting. Captain Sim has also created their very own rain effects called GlaCS. Their Boeing 757 utilized TFDi’s rain effects so with this new product, we might see a change on the 757 as well.

The exterior model, as well as the virtual cabin, has also seen some love. In these previews, the Boeing 767-300ER with the Pratt&Wittney 4060 engines is highly detailed with 4K Ultra-HD texture resolution textures. With a 6+2 door configuration and a 4+4 door configuration coming soon, this new 767 from Captain Sim will be a nice change and is something the sim community needed. Numerous variants of options such as winglets will also be included at a later date. The virtual cabin has been fitted with 3D windows, with animated stewardess’ and pilots giving the virtual passenger an immersive experience. Developers confirmed that there will be hundreds of realistic animations including a brand new wing flex system to bring the already living aircraft, more alive.

Captain Sim has stated that the flight model has been completely overhauled with a new and improved one. TSS (Turbine Sound Systems) will be used for the engine sounds for every variant. Just like the 757, certain configurations will be included such as Cold&Dark and Ready for Takeoff. Which will probably be accessed through the FMC.

Captain Sim says that the released date is ASAP (As Soon As Possible) which means we can see this very soon. Also confirmed, that all features marked (coming soon) will be available for free upon completion. No price has been announced yet, but we won’t have to wait long for that. If you would like to join the 767 discussions, Captain Sim has set up a forum post where you can post and give feedback and ask questions. The full feature list is also available on the 767 product page. The Captain Sim 767II will be available for P3Dv4.5. No word on v5 development as of yet. But be sure to check out their Facebook Page for the latest.


CS767 Lineup

  • 767-300ER BASE PACK – confirmed
  • 767 FREIGHTER EXPANSION – confirmed
  • 767-200 EXPANSION
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