[Update: Developer Statement] Captain Sim 757 Freighter Expansion Released for Prepar3D v4


After entering beta not too long ago, Captain Sim has finally released their much-anticipated 757 Captain III Freighter Expansion for Prepar3D v4.

The Freighter Expansion is the second add-on, along with the RR Expansion to further enhance the base pack which is required prior to purchasing the Freighter Expansion. In the features list, Captain Sim vaguely claim, in their features list that the freighter model comes with Rolls-Royce engine variants without the need for the RR Expansion pack, however, we’re left scratching our heads at that one.

The 757 Freighter Expansion is packed with features such as eleven different freighter variants, TFDi’s TrueGlass, an integrated GPU, custom FMC setup varying on engine variation and more which can be viewed in the features list at the end of this article.

You can grab a hold of the 757 Captain III Freighter Expansion over at Captain Sim’s store for a price of $49.99 (Excl. VAT). This version is only for Prepar3D v4, we can only assume that the 32bit version is soon to follow. The 757 Captain III base pack is required for this expansion to work.

Screenshots: NickFlightX

Update 23-Jan-2019 @ 10:30z

Numerous people have been asking questions regarding the pricing structure for the add-on. Captain Sim has taken to Facebook to directly answer those questions. We have pasted their exact response below to not cause any miscommunication.


We usually do not discuss our pricing, but it seems like the 757 Freighter Expansion price requires some explanations.
So, why is it $50?
1. The 757F is the most advanced and complete freighter ever built for any desktop flight sim. For details please visit the 757F page: or get a copy of the Manual:
2. It’s not “just the door”. The 757F took 9 months of full time work with a team of highly qualified developers and artists. It’s expensive.
3. The 757F delivers 11 (eleven!) freighter variants at $4.5 each.
4. The 757F includes 3 RR engine variants. Again, the RR is not “just another engine”. It’s a lot of work on the models, textures, engine performance, systems, EICAS, sounds, flight model.
5. The 757F has TrueGlass rain effects, which takes time and money.
6. The 757F has integrated GPU, again it’s time and money.
7. The 757F has new materials, and guess what? It’s time and money.
We believe $50 is a very decent price. We know a developer who charges $70 for a Freighter expansion which even has no cargo cabin in VC.

What’s $50 anyway? A modest dinner for one in an average chain restaurant? Or a swim shoe? Or a bottle of something at the liquor store?

Or a piece of digital art which you will enjoy for years to come?

Source: Captain Sim Facebook


Sim House Livery

  • 757-200PF with RB211-535E4B engines
  • 757-200PF with PW2037 engines
  • 757-200PF with PW2040 engines
  • 757-200PCF with RB211-535E4B engines
  • 757-200PCF with PW2037 engines
  • 757-200PCF with PW2040 engines
  • 757-200SF with RB211-535E4B engines
  • 757-200SF with RB211-535E4 engines
  • 757-200SF with RB211-535C engines
  • 757-200SF with PW2037 engines
  • 757-200SF with PW2040 engines

Each Engine Variation Provides

  • Custom engine performance
  • Custom FMC setup
  • Custom Flight Model

Misc Features

  • Complete VC including high-resolution cargo cabin with wing views, animated doors, loader and ULDs.
  • Animated High Loader.
  • FMC cargo management features.
  • Cargo management 2D panel.
  • Custom cargo management sounds.
  • Integrated GPU.
  • Trueglass rain effects.
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