Captain Sim 757 Captain III Misses 2017 Target – Would You Buy the Beta?

Captainsim 757 P3dv4

In a brief post from the Captain Sim team on Facebook today, they confirmed that whilst they were aiming for a 2017 release for the 757 Captain III base product, a few things ‘didn’t work’ how it was supposed to and as a result, they’ll be releasing the aircraft in 2018. They said that beta 3 testing is now complete, which means they’re moving on to beta 4. For them, this means that the inhouse team will begin flying it to ensure it’s ready. They further went onto say that it means they’d “technically start selling it as well”.

With this in mind, Captain Sim then posed a question to the community: would you buy beta 4 of the 757 Captain III? You can let them know on their forums or via their Facebook page.

You can watch the beta trailer down below (Facebook player) to help make your decision.

What do you think about buying the beta?

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