Canada4XPlane Edmonton Released

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On the X-plane forums, freeware scenery developer Canada4XPlane released Edmonton, the “Gateway to Canada’s North”, for X-Plane 10 and 11. Edmonton is the capital city of the Canadian province Alberta. In 2018 Edmonton airport hosted 8.3 million passengers travelling to one of their 55 destinations.

Edmonton has been reconstructed with attention to detail including over 100+ custom buildings, buildings in downtown Edmonton, ground traffic, and hundreds of other custom elements are included to bring the scenery to life. With all this detail the scenery is very FPS friendly and will provide a great experience to everyone, even those with a low budget build. There is also a file available to download on the scenery page that will delete the static aircraft from Edmonton.

While the scenery is completely free to download and use, Canada4XPlane has a link on the page where you can donate for his work on Edmonton.

Included with Canada4XPlane’s Edmonton:

  • CYEG International Airport
  • Downtown Edmonton buildings
  • Optional winter textures
  • WT3 compatibility
  • 100+ custom hangar and terminal buildings
  • Over 100 custom CYEG details
  • Custom dynamic lighting and dynamic asphalt lighting
  • Accurate static aircraft
  • Ground traffic
  • Winter textures provided by the JSGME mod
  • Static aircraft delete option
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