Brief Status on the Next Upcoming FSLabs Update

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Developer Andy Wilson from FlightSimLabs has provided a brief status on the next upcoming update for their Airbus product line. The update is said to bring a variety of changes and fixes from the previous version. Although not stated, it’s likely to then bring compatibility with Prepar3D V4.5 Hotfix 1. This update is currently being beta tested by the development and beta teams.

The first update mentioned is support for an app called PushoverPushover will enable people to get the printouts from the FMGS to a variety of devices including iPhone, iPad and Android devices. Once you have registered with Pushover, you will be able to create a simple API token which you will have to then add to a new ini file with the new update. You can then set-up to send print outs or auto printed data directly to the device set up.

This is the file format and information you will need to change in the .ini file.

You can find this file at the following location: Addons\FSLabs\PUSHOVER.ini

user=<Your pushover user key>
token=<Your API Token key>
device=<A comma separated list of devices you want to push to>

You will also need the below image for the icon file.


If you have a physical printer, there will soon be new printing options for customising things such as margins and font sizes. If you have enabled ‘Soft Print‘ on your POS (Point of Sale) printer, you will need to turn this off.

The final bit of information is regarding Airframe Options. The airframe options have been completely re-engineered to be more customisable and airframe specific. This means that painters, or yourself, can customise aircraft to be more accurate to their real-world counterparts. This also means you won’t have to change options depending on the configuration as it will save on a per-registration basis.

FSLabs will issue a new British Airways airline pack to support the new airframe data. A new document has been made with all the changes and instructions on how it works (along with some example airline configurations).

You can read the full forum post on the FlightSimLabs forums. It was said that Lefteris will provide a much more in-depth changelog in the next few days in preparation for the release of the update.

Screenshot credit: Our very own Seth Ainsley.

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