Bravo Zulu Firefly Released.

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The Firefly is a two seater, single engine plane that saw it’s introduction right before, and it’s real (combat) debut approaching the end of the second World War. Developer Bravo Zulu has been working on a beautiful rendition of this aircraft for some time now, as he’s been showing us on his blog. And now, we’re happy to report on the release of his project. The Firefly F1, FR1 and NF1 are finally available for purchase. The plane can be purchased from Payloadz and SimMarket for $19,26 or €15. The plane is available for Prepar3D v4 only. A feature list as well as a list of all the liveries included with the package can be found at the end of this post.


  • 10 authentic liveries covering the Fleet Air Arm, Dutch Navy, Royal Canadian Navy, Thai Navy, and Ethiopian Air Force
  • Multiple stores options including extended range tanks and 60lb rockets
  • Youngman Flaps with a low drag cruising position and a high drag landing setting
  • Functioning Reflector (F1) and Gyro Gunsight (FR1 & NF1)
  • Flight model based on original pilots notes and assorted historical publications from the archives
  • PDF manual covering handling, engine, and systems operation
  • AN/APS-6 radar display
  • Paint kit


  • F1 1770 NAS, HMS Indefatigable, Jan 1945
  • F1 1772 NAS, HMS Indefatigable, July 1945
  • F1 1770 NAS, HMS Implacable, 1944
  • F1 860 NAS, Royal Netherlands Navy, 1946
  • FR1 814 NAS, HMS Venerable, 1946
  • FR1 826 NAS, Royal Canadian Navy, 1947
  • FR1 827 NAS, HMS Triumph, 1950
  • FR1, Ethiopian Air Force, 1951
  • FR1, Thai Navy, 1951
  • NF1, 812 NAS ‘Black Flight’, HMS Ocean, 1949
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