Blue Sky Star Releases A319 ToLiss CFM Sound Pack

Announced in a Facebook post, Blue Sky Star Simulations has released it’s much-anticipated addition to the ToLiss 319, the Baby Bus Symphony A319 ToLiss CFM sound pack.

Blue Sky Star is known for providing remarkable sound packages for FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane add-ons. This sound pack is their 10th leap into the X-Plane world of add-ons.

The Baby Bus Symphony pack has quite an extensive but comprehensive features list which can be found below. Some of the notably mentioned sounds include the brake fans, APU door, brake release and set sounds, complete flap motor sounds, cargo door sounds and more.

You can grab a hold of the Blue Sky Star Baby Bus Symphony A319 ToLiss CFM sound pack over at their web store for a price of $19.99 (Excl. VAT). If you don’t already own the Airbus A319 by ToLiss, you can get it over at the store for a price of $69.00 (Excl. VAT)


  • Honeywell 131-9 Apu operation with igniters, APU door, combustion, exhaust, all stages, contactors, heard differently from outside inside, with open and closed exit doors.
  • Safran UBCF Brake fans with start, shutdown and running 360 degrees outside and inside with exit doors open dependent volumes.
  • Brake release and set sounds (mechanism) as well as brake “singing” on high-speed usage.
  • All-electric sounds of “Electric Bus” such as transformers rectifiers, cooling air fans, coil whine, the 28DC whine and 400Hz whine.
  • Many sounds from E&E bay, contactors, relays, resets and much more.
  • Flaps motor sounds start, stop and run, hydraulic state-dependent sounds, flaps wind (drag) sound depending on degree of flap and speed.
  • Fuel Pumps center, right, and left aft and forward sounds.
  • Hydraulic pump sounds for all three systems, typical sounds heard in A320 family of modulations with pressure change. PTU sounds – bark, self-test, PTU gear sounds, fast and slow dependent on state. (Generally, PTU can only be heard from mid-cabin with engines on, from all cabin with engines off and even from cockpit with cockpit door opened, engine shut and no other loud sounds on the way). Externally of course they can be heard too.
  • Typical Y pump operation during cargo doors opening etc.
  • Oxygen mask test and use sounds, purge and flow.
  • Packs sounds, internal and external with open and closed exit doors, all areas. Typically with running avionic fans in cockpit packs are more “felt” than heard and in cabin you can hear them work louder since it is a quiet environment there apart from cockpit.
  • All vents, blowers, extractors, inlet, outlets, start run and shut as well as cabin fans and recirc fans all placed in correct locations and sound both externally and internally. You can also hear toilet fans, galley fans aft and forward.
  • Galley equipment sounds, best heard when parked engines off.
  • All switches, knobs, selectors, small and big buttons, levers – everything that is present in aircraft sounds different. (There is a specific sound for each position of those, so there is no “general 5 sounds for all pushbuttons”, each position sounds different, so if there is a three-way switch, all three positions will sound different, all recorded in a quiet environment in the A319 cockpit. Everything is present, so if Toliss A319 has a button that is not working yet (dummy) we already have sound for it, so it will get updated when Toliss will make them all available.

This is an extremely comprehensive features list, you can find the rest of it over at the product page.

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