BlackBox Simulation Releases BN2 Islander for MSFS

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Aircraft developer BlackBox Simulation has released its BN2 Islander for Microsoft Flight Simulator. Over 750 of the aircraft type is still operating today thanks to the versatility of the aircraft type. The twin engines power the aircraft which is capable of carrying 10 people to a range of destinations. Its short take-off and landing capabilities and strong fuselage make it ideal for landing in more remote areas of the world or those airports with short runways. The Britten Norman BN2 Islander is a popular light transport aircraft with it also being heavily used by the army and police forces around the world. You will now be able to recreate specific BN2 Islander flights in Microsoft Flight Simulator with this new release.

Included with the product is three different aircraft variants. This includes the base BN2-21-2, the BN2B-20 and also a military variant of the aircraft. According to the developer, numerous real-world pilots flew the aircraft and said that the flight dynamics are highly accurate. BlackBox Simulations is also keen to highlight the external model and the virtual cockpit has been created with a large number of polygons, which results in a realistic and detailed look. This modelling is accompanied by detailed texturing and full use of PBR materials.

As for the onboard systems and avionics, BBS has opted to include a full avionics suite, which includes the AS530 GPS, the KAP140 autopilot and also a custom build KN62 DEMO, ADF and Transponder. Immersive lighting is also present in the product with interior lighting for the panel, flood and cabin all present, along with accurate landing lights.

You can buy BlackBox Simulation’s BN2 Islander for Microsoft Flight Simulator now from their store for €24.99. The team did say that it will be made available through the Microsoft Flight Simulator Marketplace in due course.

Before anyone asks, there is still no new information on their Airbus series for the Prepar3D platform. You will have to continue to wait.


  • 3 different Aircraft Variants, The base BN2-2A-2, The BN2B-20 with pointy nose and shorter engine intakes and one Militarised for Maltese Armed Forces.
  • Highly accurate Flight dynamics test flown by Real World Islander Pilots “She is feeling like an old Friend!” says one.
  • Utilising many of MSFS special paint features, Full PBR Including Ambient Occlusion.
  • Extremely hi Fidelity exterior and interior models with 100% 3d Modelled Gauges.
  • Almost 400 thousand polygons used for External model and Virtual Cockpit.
  • Fully emissive Landing lights and special “PULSE” Feature, Interior lights for Panel, flood and cabin.
  • The three main doors can be opened on the ground as well as the cargo hatch..  These are Locked when in the air to prevent accidents!
  • Full Avionics suite that includes the AS530 GPS, KAP140 Autopilot, A KX155A Nav Comm II Radio, Custom build KN62 DME, ADF and Transponder.
  • Many Real Word Liveries included from all around the world. plus our BlackBox Special. You can practice that Killer approach over the traffic into St Barts or drop into London City Airport.
  • More to come in future FREE updates.
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