Black Marble – Further Updates

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For those of you who don’t know, Black Marble is an upcoming project from Chris Bell, who created the fantastic Night Environment series. Whilst the Night Environment series was excellent for certain regions, it only covered a few areas. Black Marble, however, aims to cover the whole world within Flight Sim.

Since it’s announcement a few months ago, there’s been quite a lot of development on this product.

The gif above shows the difference between default P3D and the amount of roads that Black Marble will then light up! A huge difference!

Also revealed was a video showcasing the traffic options enabled, adding to the realism.

Finally, some in-sim screenshots:

1.thumb.jpg.8ca138e5605c5a888460ebecdf03ac9a 2.thumb.jpg.5149e638fe5d2dfd7483e16a117c644f

We’re very excited for Black Marble and we’ll let you know with an update if anything else comes out.

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