Black Box Simulations Airbus Xtreme Prologue Texture Update Previews

Since the release of the widebody series of Black Box Simulations Widebody series, the team have been working on creating the next update for their A320 series of aircraft. The Airbus Xtreme Prologue update has been “progressing well” based on feedback from other users and pilots. The team took a few quick previews of the A320 virtual cockpit from Prepar3d v3. The textures are “totally new” and the modelling has been “refined”.

“Moving along with speed”

Black Box Simulations have asked that nobody asks for a release date as it’s unknown, but they are moving along as quickly as possible. For now, check out the previews of the circuit board and a few other features of the new virtual cockpit.

If you can’t wait, then why not check out what we thought of their widebody series. Or perhaps check out their latest GA release.