ATSimulations Releases MC-15 Cri-Cri for MSFS

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Aircraft developer ATSimulations has released the MC-15 Cri-Cri for Microsoft Flight Simulator.

The MC-15 Cri-Cri is a kit built airplane that holds the claim of the smallest twin engine aircraft in existence. The aircraft is made from aluminum, which makes it incredibly light and maneuverable, as well as exceptionally fast thanks to it’s twin engine design.

This is ATSimulation’s first project for Microsoft Flight Simulator, and a port from the FSX and P3D versions of the same aircraft. The Cri-Cri was designed by Michel Colomban, and features ultra high resolution textures, three separate models including a jet engine and float equipped version, and authentic engine sounds modelled after the aircrafts JPX PUL 212 engines.

You can purchase the MC-15 Cri-Cri for $14.99 from ATSimulation’s website here.

Feature List

  • 3ds Max 3D models for accuracy
  • Ultra high resolution textures
  • Unique JPX PUL 212 engine sounds
  • Piston engine, jet engine, and float versions available
  • 9 liveries included
  • Pilot hide and camping tent visual features
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