Asobo Studio Releases Top Rudder 103 Solo for MSFS

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After announcing the aircraft on the Developer Q&A earlier this month, the Top Rudder 103 Solo is now available to buy on Microsoft Flight Simulator. This is the first aircraft developed by Asobo Studio and Microsoft and made available as paid downloadable content since the release of the simulator back in August 2020.

The ultralight aircraft is “like no other” in that the super-lightweight design offers pilots the ability to take off and land almost anywhere in the world. It also means that the aircraft has the ability to travel very slow and low enabling you to take in the views as you fly around. Not only are you able to fly slow, but the aircraft also features true panoramic views and the ability to look right beneath your feet at the ground below. The aircraft is also extremely responsive and has an exhilarating sporty-like feeling that gives you the opportunity to try some truly unique flying. It’s worth also noting that the aircraft itself features a specific engine, which is small and comes with a clutch. This means that if your RPM drops, the prop itself will stop. If you’re in somewhat windy conditions, you will see the propeller windmill.

The ultralight aircraft is packed with features to give you a great flying experience. You will experience high-quality sound recordings directly from the aircraft with 3D audio effects, along with detailed pilot animations and PBR materials throughout. The team has given the aircraft impeccable details throughout the modelling and texture work.

The Top Rudder 103 Solo for Microsoft Flight Simulator is now available to buy through the in-sim Marketplace for $9.99 USD.

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