ASDG – Super Cub + REP for X Plane 11


The guys over at ASDG has released a Super Cub for the X Plane platform based on the PA-18. Aircraft was first introduced in 1949 by Piper Aircraft with pieces from the PA-11 and the J-3 to the Taylor E-2 Cub of the 1930s. Over 40 years a total of 9000 aircrafts was made which is impressive.

Since that huge success it’s been modified in different ways which ASDG wants to bring into the simulator. It comes with both the original and a modern experimental version. Whether you’re flying bush, glider towing or just having real fun this is the aircraft for you.

Whole aircraft comes with 4K textures and it uses the famous PBR system. Flight model is modelled by Rush. Exact models to choose from:

  • 150HP Super Cub (PA-18-150)
  • 150HP Super Cub (PA-18-150) with Tundra Tires
  • 180HP Experimental Super Cub with Tundra Tires (Constant Speed Prop)

Features that comes with this aircraft

  • Current version supporting X-Plane 11 version 11.05
  • SimCoders REP Package comes with the aircraft!  Just install and you are ready to fly
  • 3 Individual Flight Models!  150HP Titan™ X320 powered Super Cub, with a separate flight model for Tundra Tires and standard tires. 180HP Titan™ X340 Powered Super Cub + constant speed prop with Tundra wheels only.
  • Engine performance data provided by Titan™ Engines by Continental
  • Full 3D Landing gear animations
  • Flight Dynamics and ground handling designed to allow pilots to land off airfield!
  • Compare the flight differences between a constant speed propeller and a fixed pitch!
  • 4K Textures, full PBR and individual reflections inside the cockpit
  • 2 Included selectable cockpits for the 150HP Model.  These include a IFR rated panel and a standard bare bones VFR panel
  • High Definition CSL’s for online flying
  • More updates and additions to come in the future as Xplane expands

Price is 42.95 USD at AeroSimulations’ website, while you’re at it also follow their Facebook page.


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The author Erik

Swedish person who has the passion for aviation during his spare time, or well, whatever is related to navigation really as he sails the seven seas to become a ship captain one day. He did grow up abroad in Belgium for 18 years but he's born in Sweden, Stockholm but Belgium feels more home to him still. Erik is very motivated for what he is doing and he never budge an inch when he is committed to make his dream come through no matter what it takes to get there. | View My Specs

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I love how the vendor site displays “73 in stock” :p

Only reason keeping me back is the apparent lack of documentation, especially on models that have an unusual engine, what you can find on Avialogs and elsewhere is for the Lycoming-equipped 150 model.

From the reviews here and there, it seems very good except perhaps the stall behaviour (I wasn’t convinced by the 172 either), but REP is pretty reactive and will probably help fixing that, unless they are completely disconnected from ASDG. And the opinion wasn’t from an actual Super Cub pilot, so this has to be interpreted with care.

That’s awesome!

So that must be the airplane REP was teasing us about, unless they still plan to make one entirely by themselves… either way they’re well on the path of A2A.

The quality of the aircraft seems pretty good which is a nice change from Carenado, I’m looking forward to a review on that new add-on! I think that once SimCoders do their own aircraft (or find a good partner, perhaps this is the case here), they’ll really have a chance to be on par with A2A on X-Plane.