Arma 3 Jets DLC released

Arma 3 Jets DLC Trailer

A little bit of different news today. Bohemia Interactive, known for making Arma 3, have released their Jets DLC. Now this may not be that interesting to you, after all, Arma 3 is by no means a flight simulator. However, it might still be a lot of fun for some of you. Especially since the Jets DLC not only adds some cool jets to fly in, but also because all the flight mechanics in general got a big overhaul. What’s unique about the DLC strategy within Arma is that you can still benefit from these updates even without buying the DLC, since mechanic upgrades are for the entire platform. It’s merely the new content that you’ll have to pay for. New content includes a couple of jets that are closely similar to some current real jets. Another new, much requested and really cool feature is a (working) carrier with launch and landing mechanics. Some other new, notable features are an overhaul of the aircraft sensor, extended hit points (for damage to parts of your jet) and dynamic vehicle load outs.

You can get the Jets DLC right now for €9,99. Please note that this DLC requires the base game of Arma which needs to be bought separately.

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