Arezone-Aviation SoundStudios Releases Sound Set For Carenado DA62


On Monday Arezone-Aviation SoundStudios released their sound set for the new Carenado DA62.

The sound set includes recorded sounds from real DA62 engines, custom sounds for every switch, knob and everything in between.


  • Authentic and Digital Recorded of AUSTRO AE-330 ENGINES
  • Custom Sounds for every knob, cards plastics and many more
  • Original Flaps sound with wind effects
  • Original Alternators
  • Authentic Startup procedures
  • Authentic shutdown effects
  • Authentic Groundroll with structure shake airspeed controlled
  • Touchdown for every wheel
  • Original Open/Close Door sound with lock
  • Engine cooling down sounds inside&outside
  • Gear Up&Down with wind stream
  • Gear warning
  • Wind effects in cabin speed controlled
  • Super soundproofing for lower noises in the cabin
  • Structure and Airframe overloaded effects
  • Scrape effects structure Airframe Cabin
  • Over G warning with structure overloaded sound
  • Stall Warning when structure shakes
  • Full crash sounds including:
  • Gear Up landings with ELT Signal
  • Water landings with ELT Signal
  • Gear broken sounds in case of Gear failure (system failures)
  • Engine failure effects (system failures)
  • Cabin heat sounds
  • Full compatible with Carenado build-in sound effects
  • Full compatible with A2A Accu-sim tool
  • All other sound tools and environments (3rd add-on packages)
  • Runs great in Prepar3D V2 V3 V4
  • Readme as PDF included
  • Tested by real DA62 Pilots.

This new sound set is available from Simmarket for €10.05.

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