All OldProp Products Now Part of Parallel 42, Immediately Available Via OrbxDirect


Two big announcements have taken place concurrently with regards to three flight sim developers. The first important bit of news is the knowledge that beginning immediately, all OldProp products are now part of Parallel 42 (//42). In a press release issued by Parallel 42, the team said that “it seemed like the right thing to do” to bring OldProp products to Parallel 42.

For those unaware, Keven Ménard was one of the original partners at OldProp, responsible for the development of many of those products. In that time, Keven has also worked with Managing Director of Parallel 42, Edson Soriano, on various other projects. The pair then teamed up to form Parallel 42, which first announced The Skypark during FlightSimExpo last June.

By moving the whole OldProp product range to Parallel 42, it means that products can now be continued to be developed with future updates and also new products in the Immersion line-up.  “Parallel 42 is committed to the support of all existing titles and the development of future updates and new features. Our team is synergetic, forward-thinking, agile, and well-respected in flight simulation and developer communities.” Soriano said.

Parallel 42 announced that The Skypark would be distributed through OrbxDirect, making it no surprise that future Parallel 42 products will also be distributed through them also. Available immediately is the whole collection of products transferred from OldProp to Parallel 42. This means favourites such as PrecipitFX, the 737 Immersion Pack and also ChasePlane are now purchasable and downloadable from OrbxDirect.

What if you own OldProp products already?

Both Orbx and Parallel 42 have made available a simple license transfer process. You simply need to log into your accounts, click a few buttons and all your information will be transferred to OrbxDirect so you can instantly access your products. You can also use Orbx Central to easily download and update any changes.

You can find out all the information on the transfer process here. It’s important you read the instructions provided to have a seamless transition.

What about The Skypark?

Whilst it was originally dubbed to be released during 2019, the team decided that additional time was needed to polish and bring other exciting new features to the product. According to the press release, The Skypark is still to be published via Orbx in early 2020.

With the transition from OldProp to Parallel 42 now coming to a close, it means the developers can place their attention firmly on the development of the Skypark.

Which products are now on OrbxDirect from Parallel 42?

  • 717 Immersion 
  • 737 Immersion
  • 747 Immersion
  • 777 Immersion
  • 787 Immersion
  • A320 Family Immersion
  • Lear 35 Immersion
  • Q400 Immersion
  • PrecipitFX
  • ChasePlane

You can see all the ESP-based utilises via OrbxDirect here.

That’s a lot of information to take in…

It is a lot of information, but we sat down with the guys at Parallel 42 to dig a bit deeper into why this transition had to happen, what it means going forward and much more. You can watch the interview on our YouTube channel (or down below).

Any New Products?

Yes, a new immersion pack was also announced. We’ll have some exclusive shots on that in the coming day or so. (Hint, it’s for a popular narrow-body jet from a highly popular aircraft developer).

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