Akaflieg Freiburg e.V. Releases Freiburg Airfield for MSFS

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Real-world flying club and flight training company Akaflieg Freiburg e.V. has recently released a fully detailed and accurate virtual representation of their real-world home base Freiburg Airfield (EDTF) for MSFS.

Freiburg Airfield (EDTF) initially opened its doors in 1907 on what formerly served as the grounds for military parades and is located within Freiburg’s Brühl district. The airfield is considered one of the oldest, continuously in service, airfields in all of Germany. Although the airport did initially see regular airline traffic coming in the form of Lufthansa operated flights to both Stuttgart and Konstanz, said days have long gone, and the airport now merely serves as a general aviation airfield. The airport features a 1’400m asphalt runway equipped with both a PAPI approach and night lighting system.

Akaflieg Freiburg e.V., a real-world German flying club and flight training company, domiciled at the airfield, has recently released their detail-rich recreation of this iconic German GA airfield. According to the developers, the scenery represents a significant overhaul to the original rendition coming included with MSFS. It features accurate 3D models of numerous airfield constructions, including the control tower, the Mistral restaurant, multiple aircraft hangars, and the old airfield firehouse. In addition to providing said faithfully recreated structures, the developers have also taken the time to amend the field’s preexisting ground layout.

Akaflieg Freiburg e.V. finally promises that the scenery will receive continuous updates over time, including the addition of a custom 3D model of the new SC soccer stadium, which is located near the airfield.

The scenery can be downloaded from Akaflieg Freiburg e.V.’s official webpage. Although available for free, the developers would welcome any donations, stating that all funds received from this release will go into funding and supporting their local Youth aviation club. 

Feature List

  • Added Numerous Custom Created 3D Buildings and Constructions Across the Airfield
  • Improved Refueling Station Position
  • Improved Parking Positions
  • Improved Runway Elevation Profile
  • Exclusion of False Sceneryobjects
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