Airworthy Designs Cease X-Plane Support

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Scenery developer Airworthy Designs has taken to their Facebook page to tell the community that they are ceasing the future development of X-Plane scenery.

The decision has been made because the developer behind Airworthy Designs has been given a position flying the Q400 and will be required to spend a lot of time on training and therefore time to develop scenery will be limited. Airworthy Designs will be focussing on developing solely for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator release coming in 2020. The release will coincide with the developer’s completion of training for the Q400.

Airworthy Designs has been invited to take part in the beta (phase one) for the new simulator. They will be taking a deep look into the technology used and will evaluate whether there is a development need for third party scenery, failing that, high-fidelity aircraft. If Airworthy Designs chooses to develop scenery over aircraft for MSFS, they will be bringing their full catalogue of products, built from the ground up to match the standards set out by the new simulator.

Every cloud has a silver lining and with the news of the discontinued support for X-Plane, Airworthy Designs has discounted their whole catalogue for the platform by 60%. You can find and purchase their entire catalogue from the store here.

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