Airline2Sim Suggesting their 747 Cadet Program Out December 2017

Over on Facebook, the team at Airline2Sim have posted a rather cheeky picture of the flow diagram for the pilot flying of a 747. We already knew the guys were hard at work on the 747 cadet program, but we didn’t realise that we could be learning more about this fantastic plane by the end of the year.

“You ready to learn some of this? #Dec17”

Alongside the image was a quote saying “are you ready to learn some of this?” followed by a hash-tag “#Dec17” suggesting a December 17 release date. This would be approximately a year after their fantastic 777 series (of which I’m currently watching).

We’re already looking forward to PMDG releasing the Queen of the Skies II in the coming weeks and this would indeed be a helpful tool come the end of the year.


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