Airline2Sim PMDG Boeing 777 Cadet Program Released

Update: Ben was kind enough to send us the trailer:

A quick go-around from yesterday’s launch and the team at Airline2Sim have finally released their highly anticipated PMDG Boeing 777 Cadet video package.

The tutorials, training and education all from a real world Triple 7 Captain will surely  help you whether you’re an expert or a novice. There are 24 videos which will take you across the Globe and some of the most challenging airports for any 777 pilot. Each and every operating procedure has been covered in the extensive video package. The whole thing will only cost you $39.99! As already mentioned, the first 11 are ready and waiting, with a further 13 being released throughout January. Of course, your $39.99 entry fee will cover them all!

We’re really excited to get our hands on it and we’ll be sure to share you our first impressions soon!

Buy it NOW from Airline2Sim’s website.


  • David

    31st December 2016

    Wrong trailer on the main page 😉 (showing the trailer of chaseplane)

    • Calum Martin

      31st December 2016

      That’s strange – works my end!

      I’ll investigate but thanks for letting me know

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