Airline2Sim Announces New Product Line, Airport2Sim

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Best known for their advanced training programs for popular sim aircraft like the 777 and Q400 taught by real world pilots, Airline2Sim has a new product line to talk about; presenting Airport2Sim!

Poised to fill the, often months-long, gaps between the releases of their full fledged training programs, Airport2Sim is a package detailing and explaing operations at complex airports taught by real world pilots who operate within them on the daily. Included in each package will be 5 HD tutorial videos following the typical Airline2Sim style; video topics will include detailed gate operation briefings, taxi routing, and runway use coming straight from the mouth of a real airline pilot.

The first product in this new series will be none other than the legendary Amsterdam Schiphol!

Trainees will learn the most common departure clearances as well as vectors and altitudes assigned by ATC to eliminate the guesswork of flying in some of the busiest airspaces in the world. Airport2Sim Amsterdam will be a full coverage of arrival procedures, including the tricky night RNAV. Routings to the SPY and SPL VORs will be taught as well, including a tutorial on how to use range rings in order to vector yourself correctly. Perhaps one of the most exciting aspects of Airport2Sim is the revamped GSX config file for each airport covered which will make the overall experience of operating that much more immersive!

This new config will be a complete revamp of the existing file, with SAFEDOCK systems being added to airliner gates as well as all airliner gate stop positions and pushback directions being tweaked and relabeled. Ground vehicles have also been correctly placed so you won’t be seeing vehicles in the terminal or ground clutter anymore. In addition, a PDF showing which aircraft can dock to each gate has also been included for ease of use.

Even better than the feature set is the cost: the entire package can be yours for $7.99 and will include nearly 2 hours of HD video as well as the aforementioned GSX config file and PDF. Airport2Sim Amsterdam is expected to be available from Airline2Sim’s website and other major resellers by the end of October or nearly November. Other upcoming Airport2Sim airports will include Heathrow, Gatwick, Paris, as well as San Francisco.

Now, for those wondering about the 777 First Officer and A319/A320 Cadet programs, we have a bit of news that’ll make you happy: they are still in production and should be appearing within the next few months.

That was certainly a huge bit of information to digest (and to type), so I hope you got all that. You can read Airline2Sim’s original announcement here, though we were sent some additional information not present in the public announcement that we included in this article.

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