Airfield Canada Releases Halifax Stanfield International Airport for XP

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A renowned developer within the XPlane community, Airfield Canada has recently released their version of Halifax Stanfield International Airport (CYHZ) for XP11 via the simMarket online store.

Halifax Stanfield International Airport is a Canadian airport located in Goffs, Nova Scotia, and mainly serves the municipality of Halifax and its surrounding region. Named in honor of Robert Stanfield, Nova Scotia’s 17th Premier Minister, the airport was opened by Transport Canada in 1960. Today, it is considered to be the 8th busiest airport in Canada by passenger count. It offers connections to many domestic and some limited international destinations, including Dublin, Frankfurt, London, and Paris.

On an interesting side note, the airport played a crucial role during operation “Yellow Ribbon” following the September 11th attacks and saw 47 diverted planes touch down on its runway. Halifax thereby had to play host to 7’300 stranded passengers and crew members, more than any other Canadian town at the time of the tragedy. To honor the city of Halifax and the role played by its residents, Lufthansa, in 2006, renamed one of their then-new Airbus A340 jetliners “Halifax-Gander,” this having been the first-ever jet in the company’s history to bear a non-German city name.

Airfield Canada has recently released their highly anticipated rendition of this historic Canadian airfield for XP11 users to enjoy. The scenery promises to be an accurate and detail-rich rendition of the airport. It comes included with many notable features, including over 150 high-detail 3D buildings models and objects, custom high-definition PBR textures and ground markings, custom mesh, as well as custom seasonal textures, to name just a few.

The scenery is now available via the simMarket online store and comes at the cost of €20.46 E.x. VAT. 

Feature List

  • Over 150 highly-detailed custom buildings and objects
  • All buildings and objects feature PBR
  • Custom high-quality PBR ground textures and markings, including custom striated runway markings
  • Orthophotos cover the airport property and adjacent properties
  • Custom mesh developed by Maps2Xplane
  • Custom taxiway lights to the Custom approach lights
  • Custom modelled and animated vehicles
  • Optional custom animations (Requires SAM Airport Plugin)
  • Optional spring, summer, autumn, winter, and deep winter seasons (Requires SAM Airport Plugin)
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