Airbus A318/319/320/321 HD Virtual Cockpit Released


Aerosoft’s Emanuel Hagen has today released his long awaited fan project to improve the texture resolution of Aerosoft’s Airbus series of aircraft. This HD texture set focuses on the virtual cockpit, and by the looks of it, he has been an amazing job.

As the texture size has been increased to 2048px, there is an additional load on VAS usage of 100-150mb in Prepar3d, but for the additional quality, this is to be expected.

You can download the A318/A319 set here and the A320/A321 set here.

They’re both free to download and use (at your own risk), but seeing as he spent over 150 hours on this project, I think it’s fair to say a donation for his hard work wouldn’t go unwarranted.

There’s a few notes to read before you rush and download (found after the jump).

Installation Instructions (read this… really!)

  1. Backup the content of the folder [FSX/P3D mainfolder]SimObjectsAirplanesAerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base.
  2. Unzip the file into a temporary location.
  3. Paste the content of the folder A320A321 into [FSX/P3D mainfolder]SimObjectsAirplanesAerosoft Airbus A320_A321 Base.
    Make sure the content of the three subfolders gets integrated and you should be asked to overwrite 39 files in total. Make sure to overwrite the old files, otherwise this paint will not show correctly.
  4. [Important] Delete all files including the word MAINPANEL in the [where xxx stands for the respective name of the livery] folders within the [FSX/P3D]SimObjectsAirplanesAerosoft Airbus A32x CFM/IAE folders.
    This is important since FSX will pick files from those folders over those from the fallback folders.
    [Important] Repeat this step each time you install a new livery since liveries come with their own MAINPANEL files, which however are in the default resolution. See the limitations below.
  5. Ensure the Texture_Max_Load in your FSX.cfg/Prepar3D.cfg is set to at least 2048, better 4096.


Known limitations

  • The aircrafts registration will no longer show.This is unavoidable since the registration is saved in the mainpanel file which I had to alter. Thus you need to delete the mainpanel file in which the registration of the aircraft is saved.Please ask your repainter to supply you with a version of my mainpanel file including the registration of the aircraft.Painters are explicitly allowed to modify the mainpanel files supplied in this package to add the registration of the aircraft and upload them to this forums.

  • Only the dark night lighting version was possible.Do not use the Airbus Configurator to change between the bright and dark lighting options! These are not compatible with this repaint.

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