Air Hauler 2 Full Release Coming January 11th

Air Hauler 2 Full Release Coming January 11th FSElite

Many of you may familiar with a little program called Air Hauler 2 which, essentially, gives purpose to your flying by creating jobs from one, often remote, airport to another. For those not just looking to fly, you’re also able to run your own freight and passenger airline. being able to run your own airline from both the ‘boardroom’ and the cockpit. Those seeking a more social and expansive experience are even able to recruit other Air Hauler 2 pilots to fly for their airline, with joining other airlines possible as well.

Air Hauler 2 is the successor to the immensely popular original Air Hauler and has been available in an early-access state for some time. For those put off from buying software that’s not-yet-complete, fear not for Air Hauler 2 will be leaving early-access January 11th! Those eager to try the software out can get it now for the special offer price of $37.99, a discount from the usual price of $44.99, up until the full release on the 11th. This will still give you access to all the latest features and updates that will be made available in the future, just at a lower price.

We’ll let you know when the full version of Air Hauler 2 has been released. To read more about Air Hauler 2 and what if offers, or to get the discounted price, visit the product page on Just Flight’s website.

(Thanks to our friends over at The Sky Lounge for a forum post that tipped us off)

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