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Aerosoft/IDS Showcase Manchester in New Promo Video


Aerosoft in partnership with IDS have been working on Manchester for quite some time now. Just now they have released a promo video showing off the new scenery which looks excellent. It seems that IDS have spared no detail in the creation of this scenery with what looks to be modelled terminal interiors and other small details such as 3D grass. In the description of the video they explain how high resolution images and hand placed 3D objects have been used throughout the scenery which is great news and it is looking like we can expect a very good product coming very soon. It will be nice to finally have an update to the dated UK2000 scenery that is currently the sole option for Manchester. However, UK2000 themselves will soon be releasing their updated Manchester scenery. We will have to see if UK2000 can reach the high standards of IDS with their upcoming scenery. You can find the link to the video here. As with most Aerosoft preview videos it is expected that the scenery will soon follow so we can hopefully expect this new scenery in the very near future. We will of course notify you of as and when this scenery is released.

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