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Aerosoft Updates Three X-Plane & AFS2 Add-ons


Announced on their blog, Aerosoft has released minor updates for Airport Genoa XP, Airport Zurich v2 XP and Helgoland AFS2. We’ve compiled them all along with the corresponding changelogs into one post which can be viewed at the end.

Helgoland for AFS2 has been updated to version 1.10 with the addition of a Helipad (EDXH), an oil rig and some platforms.

Zurich XP v2 has been updated to version 2.05 with the integration of SAM jetways, marshallers and the removal of 70,000 unnecessary polygons throughout.

And finally, the newly released Genoa XP has received a minor update which fixes an issue that prevents jetways docking automatically to all Airbus aircraft.

If you don’t already own these titles, you can grab a hold of them by clicking the relevant images below on the Aerosoft Shop.

Update: Helgoland was listed as an XP update when it was actually an AFS2 update. Apologies for any confusion caused.

Airport Genoa XP v1.01 Changelog

  • Fixed an issue preventing the jetways docking automatically to Airbus aircraft.

Airport Zurich XP v2.05 Changelog

  • Integrated jetways on all parking positions (SAM Plugin required)
  • Integrated marshallers on remote stands (SAM Plugin required)
  • Removed 70.000 unnecessary polygons in instanced objects

Helgoland for AFS2 1.10 Changelog

  • SAR & Offshore Base (EM14)
  • Oil rig Mittelplate (EM08)
  • Helwin Alpha (EM15)
  • North Sea East Transformer Platform (EM16)
  • Sea wind Southeast Transformer Platform (EM17)
  • Amrumbank West Transformer Platform (EM18)
  • Heide-Büsum Helipad (EDXH)
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