Aerosoft Shows TrueGlass in Video

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Aerosoft released a video on YouTube showing off their Airbus Professional series with TrueGlass. TrueGlass adds a lot of new features in the VC, including raindrops on the windows.

The Airbus Professional A318-A321 series were delayed to implement more features. We discussed the delay on this website earlier this year. Fortunately we now have this video, which looks very promising. TrueGlass was first used on the TFDi 717. Earlier, we explained what TrueGlass is in more detail in this article. Below you can watch the video that showcases the new features on the Airbus.

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  1. Aerosoft is like Qualitywings, delays and delays over huge delays. Such stuff won’t be out before 2020-2022, granted. They will use the year 2020 as a marketing vehicle for their A320 bus.


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