Aerosoft Releases Update On A330

Aerosoft A330

With multiple projects on the go, developer Aerosoft has taken some time to give an update on their ongoing A330 Professional project.

In a post on their forum, Mathijs Kok updated progress on several areas including the connected flight deck, CPDLC progress, and the EFB.

Kok used the word ‘stable’ to describe the connected flight deck status, saying that by adding a server between users, Aerosoft has been able to eliminate virtually all performance issues, including the need to tweak firewall or router settings.

The post goes on to say that work on the CPDLC is on hold because there is no stable server available to reliably run the data service. Kok touched briefly on the possibility of using Hoppie, praising the service, but saying that it is potentially unstable and relies on a small group of people to keep it running.

Work has also started on the EFB. Kok said that the electronic flight bag will include the standard checklists, flows, and documents as well as georeferenced charts that will show the location of the plane on taxiways and runways. The EFB will also include performance calculations and will be compatible with PMDG’s Global Flight Operations. As well, the EFB will be available both in the VC and 2D windows and be accessible via a web browser as long as it is on the same network.

The post doesn’t give a release date, however, Kok said the release will be dependent on texture, modeling, and shading work on the airplane.

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