Aerosoft Releases OnAir: Airline Manager

Aerosoft has spoken a little about OnAir for a limited amount of time, but they have finally released the Airline Manager for the community.  OnAir: Airline Manager is an MMO-style application that runs a persistent world running in real-time. As with other economy/tycoon systems, you start from the bottom and you have to work your way up through the ranks taking almost everything into consideration. Fuel prices, landing fees, cargo costs and much more are all part of the calculation into growing your airline and business. However you choose to get involved, you are in control. The system will allow you to be a pilot, manage the airline or other aspects of the operation. You can also work with friends or AI to help run the airline. A full feature list is down below.

It has been designed to run alongside FSX/P3D and X-Plane, but even those without a flight simulator can take part.

As for pricing, the OnAir system is completely subscription-based. You can buy the subscriptions directly from Aerosoft and there are a variety of different tiers to choose from. A single month will cost €7.56 with packages ranging from 3 – 24 months. A 24-month package will cost €47.90. For those interested, you can also do a 2-week free trial to see what you think of the software. Here are the instructions on how to do so.

To start with OnAir download the client, make an account and download you’re the fully functional software. When your two weeks free trial is coming to an end you will be asked to buy the license.


  • Persistent real-time world. It never stops, 24/7, with real-time weather, real-world events. It’s alive.
  • Many roles are possible. Managing an airline or FBO (selling maintenance, fuel, and even aircraft), fly as a pilot, try to find the most profitable jobs and have other airlines fly them, etc. We build the world; you need to decide how to use it.
  • Designed with player interaction in mind. Strategic alliances between player possible. Code sharing. You got an aircraft you are not using, rent it out to your friends!
  • Hire people. You can have your friends work for your company or hire AI bots.
  • Gain skills. Make your company more efficient or being able to handle more complex tasks by using your skill point on the Skill Tree. From a license to do medical flights to better skill in hiring cabin crew.
  • Manage your company using the special Smartphone app. If you have multiple aircraft flying long distances you can monitor their flights.
  • Logistic Center that has thousands of assignments ready. Never again wonder where you are going to fly. Just pick an assignment and go fly!
  • All airport, most aircraft. You can fly from every airport in the world in almost all generally used aircraft. You can even add aircraft if you are willing to do a check ride in a simulator so we can measure its performance.
  • A simulation for flight simmers AND tycoon enthusiasts. Fully designed to be used with or without a connected simulator! Compatible with all versions of FSX, all versions of P3D and X-Plane 10 and 11. Support for the new Microsoft Flight Simulator in progress. There is no difference in gameplay between sim-connected and not connected versions. Same world, same interaction.
  • OnAir is a simulation that installed on your own system, it is not an internet application.
  • Free accompanying smartphone apps (Android and iPhone)

For simulator users:

  • All your flights are monitored in detail and logged into the system using a very clever system that needs almost no attention
  • Allows time compression
  • Allows flights to be stopped and resumed later
  • Compatible with all add-ons
  • No measurable impact on framerates
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