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Aerosoft Release Dortmund for X-Plane

Dortmund Xp (6)

Aerosoft released Dordmund for X-Plane (Dortmund XP). The scenery includes the entire area of Dortmund and two airports: Airport Dortmund (EDLW) as well as the airfield Hengsen-Opherdicke (EO08). The Airport Dortmund (EDLW) is the big star of this scenery package/ The whole scenery includes high resolution buildings. The scenery was made using photoreal textures. The scenery also includes a helipad at the Hospital Center North. The scenery also includes night lighting and different animated objects. It is possible to enjoy flying GA, helis and also commercial airliners at the airport. The scenery and surroundings seem to be of high quality and the screenshots show attention to detail.

The airport is priced at €21,29 including 27% VAT. You can buy the airport via this link. The airport is available for X-Plane 11 only. On the shopping page you can also find the system requirements to run the scenery.

Below you can find a selection of screenshots of the airport and its surroundings. A full feature list can be found below the screenshots.


  • Detailed rendition of the airport and its surroundings, incl. landmark objects
  • Photo realistic ground textures based on aerial images (50cm/px)
  • All airport buildings and facilities
  • True-to-original navigation aids (ILS, VOR/DME, NDB, ATIS)
  • Excellent night effects
  • True-to-original runway and taxiway lighting
  • Detailed 3D city model of Dortmund incl. colour-corrected 60cm/px aerial image covering the entire city area
  • Authentic rendition of the airfield Hengsen-Opherdicke incl. colour-corrected 30cm/px aerial image
  • The aerial images for Hengsen-Opherdicke can be turned off
  • Autogen covering the area of the aerial image, corrected by hand
  • Animated wind objects: wind turbines and windsocks specific to Hengsen-Opherdicke as well as the helipad the Hospital Centre North
  • Ship traffic at the Dortmund-Ems Canal when using the Seatraffic plug-in by Marginal/Jonathan Harris
  • Volumetric grass, toggleable
  • PBR-based reflecting water surfaces
  • Backup library – runs without add-ons
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