Aerosoft Madeira X Evolution Released


Yesterday, Aerosoft dropped the promotional video and today, Madeira X Evolution is out!

Madeira is one of the most challenging airports in the world due to probable wind shear, mountainous terrain and steep turns before finals. Oh, and no instrument landing system either! It’s a fun airport and one that looks great when done right.

We’ve had Madeira in our sims for a while, but the old scenery was dated and had various compatibility issues. Well no more as everything works flawlessly in this new one! Not only that, but new features such as dynamic traffic, VFR objects around the island and SODE jetways make this new version worth the wait. Not only has Funchal airport been created, but you can also divert (or just explore) Port Santo (LPPS).

You can buy it now from Aerosoft’s website for around 25euro (depending on your location / tax)

And finally, here’s the full feature list.


  • Photo realistic island coverage with custom height mesh
  • Highly detailed Airport Funchal Madeira (LPMA)
  • Airport Port Santo (LPPS)
  • New changes made to the terminal finished in spring 2016
  • Dozens of detailed VFR objects (bridges, animated wind turbines, plants, people, cars etc.)
  • Animated windsocks
  • Detailed Autogen covering the whole island
  • Dynamic traffic
  • SODE 3D dynamic lead-in lighting (LDIN)
  • AI Traffic compatibility
  • GSX (latest version) and SODE v1.4.2 compatibility
  • Extensive manual and charts

Speaking of Aerosoft, why not read out interview with Mathijs Kok?

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