Aerosoft Douglas DC-8 Released

Douglas Dc8 (9)

Aerosoft has released their latest aircraft for Prepar3D; the Douglas DC-8. This is an aircraft that is credited with bringing long-distance air travel to the average Joe Public, and so it holds firmly a place in the history books.

The DC-8 takes our modern flight simming back to the days of pure piloting skill, and as such you won’t find an FMC or Navigation Display in this cockpit, nor is there the existence of an auto-throttle. This aircraft gives the flight crew plenty to occupy themselves with.

Aerosoft’s DC-8 simulates the DC-8-50 model, with an accurate 3D modelling of the cockpit, exterior, and all control surfaces. Said cockpit includes highly detailed instrumentation and equipment in the Captain, First Officer, as well as Flight Engineer positions.

Rain effects on the windshield are provided by TFDi’s TrueGlass technology, and the sounds throughout the aircraft are provided by Turbine Sound Studios who have a proven track record of providing an immersive experience through audio.

For a full feature list, click through to the Aerosoft store where this aircraft is available for $42.99.

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Ben Childs

The author Ben Childs

As a simmer for more than 20 years, Ben can be quite opinionated about our hobby. He started out on FS95 and found himself switching to X-Plane in 2017. He works full-time in the automotive industry as a parts interpreter, and when he's not in the virtual left seat, he can be found in the garage tinkering with cars and motorcycles.

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About time developers started producing real aircraft to fly. Sick of all these new NGs, A320’s and plastic fantastic 787’s. Boring. Give me a real aircraft to fly. I said fly. Not manage. It won’t appeal to the 90% though who have no idea how to do anything other then press LNAV and VNAV. lol.

It is a shame the video is drowned out with music. It would have been nice to have heard the TSS sounds.

I hope the exhaust smoke effect can be tweaked as the DC8 was a real smoker.

The VC looks great. Nice to see the Carousel INS unit in there.

Exterior texturing looks a little flat and lacking in resolution.

I think this will be added to my collection but I will wait until the reviews come in first

soooo how do I fly JEDY2 star into atl with this? asking for a friend…

Andrew Thompson

You’ll have to enter the lat/long coordinates into the INS. For example, JJEDI is 33-11-25.420N 083-49-21.760W.

One DC-8 Model for $42.99? Not sure if I’d drop that much for it. Does look like a beautiful add on though

Don’t they plan on doing the same with the A330? If I recall they said A330-300RR only?? I’m they will do charge the same if not more, but no need to talk about the A330 because it was already released in Aug 2017 righttttttttttttt…. :0

A great looking rendition of the DC8 but too old aircraft for my FS fleet.

And this is coming from a guy who flew for this first time on a United DC-8 “Stretch” from LAX to DEN back in the 70’s.