Aerosoft Development Update


Presenting at this years FSExpo, developer Aerosoft detailed their early start in the industry, talking about their first in-house flight sim development which began in 2004, after previously being asked by Microsoft to work with them on a train simulator in 2002. The developer then detailed updates that will be coming this year.

A320 Professional Series

The A320 series for P3Dv4 is set to release in July. They stated that around 80% of all of the aircraft coding has been rewritten and that the simulation goes much deeper into the physics of flight. The virtual cockpit has been fully redeveloped and will feature TFDi’s TrueGlass technology. It will also feature an easy to use connected flight deck.


The A330 is set to release in September or October.


Aerosoft has said that the CRJ will get SP1 ‘soon’ and SP2 before the end of the year. SP2 will include the addition of Trueglass and RealLight and it is unknown whether these will be availalble for the 32-bit version.

New Project

Finally, Aerosoft announced a new project known as ‘World of Aircraft’ which is a series of stand-alone flight simulators. The first in the series will be a glider simulator, and the second is likely a to be a float plane simulator, which will be based out of Lake Como.

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Matthew McColl

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Matthew is from the U.K. and has just finished his last year in college, studying mathematics, chemistry and physics. An avid plane spotter, he often visits Manchester Airport to take as many photographs and he can muster, as well as spending time at his local aerodrome (Manchester Barton). Being an aviation enthusiast, Matthew has been a part of the flight simming community for 7+ years.
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There is no new delay again. The A318/319 product is still set to be released on June 26th. They always said that the A320/321 will get released about 2 weeks later => mid of July as said on the expo. With the A330 release date of september/oktober the same thing – they announced it to be released roughly 11 weeks after the release of the A318/319. So stop complaining about a new delay thats just not true…

Mathijs Kok’s announcement from 2 hours ago:

“July 12th is now our goal”

I guess a lot of us know what to expect from Aerosoft release dates.

“The A330 is set to release in September or October.”

But September or October 2018 or?

2019 release – you bet !


Why does the aerosoft logo look like a well-endowed woman doing a human airplane?


@BruceN yeah I see it if I concentrate really hard. Then if I look away and back again my brain defaults to its original perspective.

My main problem is my brain processes shapes better than it processes color pallet and I just can’t unsee tits.

It’s interesting how you interpret the logo. To me, it appears to be a person (man/woman) soaring away from the viewer in a horizontal position. I’m not sure how you would explain the black/white oval in the middle as anything other then the bottom of the feet. If you are seeing a woman facing the viewer with outstretched arms, I can see the well-endowed comment, but what then is the oval in the middle of the chest?

I would like to congratulate the people who have posted here so far. 24 posts and no infantile nonsense about viruses, malware spyware etc. This is the first time in ages that there’s been an article about any Airbus by any developer that has not. Keep up the good work!

I just came here for the “another ASdelay” comments and I am not leaving disappointed : ).

I don’t get it.. why devs keep spending their time and money to create another simulators since they will never get “there”? If they don’t want develop to the ESP platform anymore, they should switch to X-Plane 11.

In real life a company which delays a product for so many times across several years, would have went into bankruptcy immediately but in the airliner sim world you can fail deadlines even 20-30 times and be extremely rich at the same time. Lucky world

RoDuSu, exactly.

Which would be a fair argument to make if this A320 series was delayed for more than a year. But it was released without issue for FSX, then SE, then P3D 32Bit.

They’ve been clear about exactly why they’re taking longer to release this iteration — they want to make greater improvements than just porting it across. It’s not like they aren’t being open about that.

“I am still on the June 26 schedule but of course all show stoppers will have to be resolved.”

That’s from Mathijs Kok on the Aerosoft forum. So the A318/A319 is still on course for release at the end of this month.

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

a330 I doub twill be coming this year but I feel the a320 will be in the next couple off months…!

The A320 is delayed yet again? Not sure why these guys give release dates…..they never meet their target. It’s quite unprofessional if you ask me…..and irritating. I’d rather they didn’t say anything and then be pleasantly surprised with a release as opposed to being told of specific release dates that are constantly missed. These guys suck.


Fair enough…..

If I remember the previous announcement, the 318/319 release date was June 26 and the 320/321 was to be in July. Not sure how this announcement means the 320 is delayed again? It seems better to wait for Aerosoft to miss the latest set of dates before claiming it’s late again.

“The A320 series for P3Dv4 is set to release in July.”

Nope. Won’t happen.

I really hope that A330 comes out on September/October. So looking forward to this plane.

june july august 2014 2020 close enough.

as the AS fanbois called me a hater, guess what, im right again when i said that aint coming out in june. doubt even july 30th will be possible.

Anders Bermann


You’re going to look really stupid if Aerosoft do release the A318/A319 on the 26th as they announced.

John Moore

I’m under the impression that July is when the entire A320 family, the 318-321, will release, with the A318 and A319 still releasing on the 26th.

Miles Harrison

Good call Jason, it would make sense to wait for 4.3 as we know most developers have to do minor updates once a new version comes out.

So the A320 series is due for July. Have they already back tracked their June 26th release already? Why do they still even bother to announce a day for it?

A320 ‘set to release in July’ – so delayed yet again. Was supposed to reach market on 26th June, however is this new date because of P3D the upcoming v4.3?

Mathijs Kok’s announcement from 2 hours ago:

“July 12th is now our goal”

Delayed by 2 weeks due to back end processes and we haven’t even heard if the change to v4.3 is going to cause Aerosoft any further issues.

I guess a lot of us know what to expect from Aerosoft release dates.

The A320 series/family is the entire range A318-319-320-321 which will be out in July, only the 318-319 come out in June.

There is no new delay.

It’s not complicated.

@jonFezza Read the article again. It states “The A320 *series* for P3Dv4 is set to release in July.” [My emphasis].

I responded to what is written.

No the A318 & A319 is set to release on the 26th June, 15 days from today. Then the A320 & A321 2 weeks later, in July, which the post states. No word on any sort of delay and remember developers get 4.3 in advance to make sure their product works when release to the general public.

Matthew McColl

I don’t believe any reason was given.