Aerosoft Development Update


Presenting at this years FSExpo, developer Aerosoft detailed their early start in the industry, talking about their first in-house flight sim development which began in 2004, after previously being asked by Microsoft to work with them on a train simulator in 2002. The developer then detailed updates that will be coming this year.

A320 Professional Series

The A320 series for P3Dv4 is set to release in July. They stated that around 80% of all of the aircraft coding has been rewritten and that the simulation goes much deeper into the physics of flight. The virtual cockpit has been fully redeveloped and will feature TFDi’s TrueGlass technology. It will also feature an easy to use connected flight deck.


The A330 is set to release in September or October.


Aerosoft has said that the CRJ will get SP1 ‘soon’ and SP2 before the end of the year. SP2 will include the addition of Trueglass and RealLight and it is unknown whether these will be availalble for the 32-bit version.

New Project

Finally, Aerosoft announced a new project known as ‘World of Aircraft’ which is a series of stand-alone flight simulators. The first in the series will be a glider simulator, and the second is likely a to be a float plane simulator, which will be based out of Lake Como.

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