Aerosoft CRJ Professional Now Available for Prepar3D

Aerosoft has released its latest aircraft – this time the CRJ Professional for Prepar3D V4.5. The Bombardier CRJ, in real life, can seat a various number of passengers when primarily used for short inter-city hops, which don’t require huge airports or payloads to be profitable for airlines. Carriers include Lufthansa, Delta, SAS and many more.

As we mentioned before, this is an all-new release, and that there is little remanence from the original CRJ. The exterior modelling has been completed from scratch to include PBR textures, along with a new HD virtual cockpit that is also equipped with PBR textures. Within the cockpit, the CRJ will have dimmable lights, Trueglass integration, electronic flight bag with NavData and Navigraph compatibility as well as coupled VNAV as standard for the -1000 but optional for the -700/900 models. Furthermore, the CRJ Professional will also feature the CRJ 550 in United Express/Go Jet colours.

The feature list also indicates that the aircraft will also include a fully functional RAAS system (provided by FS2Crew), load management tool, panel state saving/loading and multiple manuals for you to get comfortable with the new aircraft.

The CRJ Professional from Aerosoft is now available for €62.98 (excluding tax). If you previously owned the CRJ 700/900 X, you can upgrade for €20.78 (ex VAT).


  • Exquisite modelling with many animations with up-to-date standards like PBR
  • CRJ 550, 700, 900 and 1000 models
  • VAS and FPS friendly because we love complex airports as much as you do
  • Extended Flight Management System delivered with November 2019 (AIRAC 1912) nav data (compatible with NavDataPro and Navigraph)
  • Complete MCDU with full keyboard control option
  • All displays available as high resolution 2D windows
  • Highly accurate flight model
  • Panel State saving/loading
  • Standard Sound set done by Turbine Sounds Systems, additional Virtual Cockpit sounds provide by Aerosoft
  • Heads-up Guidance system
  • Includes Frank, our avatar to walk around the aircraft and airports (Prepar3D only)
  • Fully functional (though linked to this aircraft) RAAS provided by FS2Crew
  • Complete management tool to load fuel, passengers, and baggage. This tool also allows you to tweak the simulation to your hardware
  • Livery manager with drag and drop functionality
  • Fully prepared for ChasePlane, PFPX
  • Many new options to tweak the product to your likings and your hardware, for example to link a hardware control to the nose wheel steering
  • Electronic Flight Bag supporting NavDatPro and Navigraph charts (georeferenced to show aircraft on the charts), weight and balance calculation, take-off calculation, checklists, fuel, cargo and passenger loading
  • Five manuals, including detailed step-by-step documentation
  • Fully Prepar3D V4 compatible with dynamic lights and several other adaptations to use the latest options.
  • Accurate rain effects on windows.
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