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Aerosoft CRJ – EFB Screenshot Previews


After seeing Aerosoft acknowledge that the CRJ isn’t too far from release, we had a peak around the Aerosoft forums and found that they’ve revealed some cool screenshots, showing off the in-sim EFB for the CRJ.

As you can see, the EFB will serve as the right MCDU from Aerosoft’s Airbus A320 series, whereby it acts as your setting page. You can fuel, load, adjust options and use ground equipment all from this page. There will also be checklists built in, as well as the chance to calculate v-speeds directly from the EFB.

What has my interest is the “service/maintenance” section, which I don’t believe has been talked about all that much.

With a release apparently soon, the Aerosoft CRJ can’t come soon enough!

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