Aerosoft to charge for Prepar3D V4 scenery updates

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In a post on the forums, Mathijs Kok from Aerosoft has given us an interesting insight in the companies stance on their Mega Airports and making these compatible for Prepar3D V4.

Previously the company announced to be working on free updates for P3DV4. These would become available over time, with some of them already ready and working on the updated platform. A good example of this is Mega Airport Oslo which received a free v4 update with dynamic lights, SODE support and an updated installer. Also, the much anticipated Mega Airport London Heathrow was previously announced to be getting an update coming soon™.

However, Aerosoft seems to be moving away from this. P3DV4 versions of airports will be rebranded as Mega Airport <name> Professional. These Professional products will come with support for P3DV4 features such as dynamic lights. This approach may also be extended to non-Mega Airports. It’s expected for Frankfurt to be the first Professional Mega Airport.

This is going to affect the price of Mega Airport addons in the following ways:

Current Mega Airports will keep *roughly* the same pricing. Prices for non-commercial use of Professional products will be around €6 higher and prices for commercial use or licensed simulators, it will remain the same. Updates from a “normal” to a Professional version will be available for a small fee.

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The issue with AS for ages has been installers. Now this dynamic lighting. If it wasn’t this, it would be something else. They are frequently last to the market. I get that v4 is a new product. They knew about it. The world knew about it. Complete naivety from a once market leader in flight simulation.

A £100 company in a £1000000 world. There are companies beating them hands down. AS used to be renowned for its range and availablility. After a range of screw ups, it’s rapidly becoming laughing stock.

I wish you as FSElite would dig deeper into this. What are the brand new features, that only work in P3Dv4? Only dynamic lights come to mind so far. Would they have developed native for P3Dv3 (like they should) it would work now in P3Dv4 without problems. So basically I pay for their mistakes and a few lights (which don’t require that much work).

Calum Martin

We only know as much as you right now.

There’s so recompiling it to the p3dv4 SDK as well as fixing the installer.

Without being developers, we can’t really comment.

I’ll ask about and maybe write an article in the future.

Not good Aerosoft

Aerosoft is weird in the sense you don’t know who develops the product. 90% of the stuff they sell is 3rd party, even if its branded aerosoft.

Has somebody went through and figured out if this will affect the few aerosoft developed products or their 3rd party ones (of which they are just a publisher) or all?

In any case, they completely dropped the ball with being ready for the new sim. So many lies and now 4 months after we have nothing, but them making new versions for the new sim.

One minute free and yes you’ll get free updates for V4… 2 months later when they have only done a few, lets charge – absolutely ridiculous, just a shame I bought quite a few Aerosoft sceneries in the past few months with the illusion that Aerosoft cares about their customers.

Trade descriptions act in the UK means if you have a statement from the company ie advising it will be upgraded for free for V4 and it was part of your purchasing decision then you are eligible for your money back. Aerosoft as an EU company has well and truly breached European protected rights but renegading on this after statements on behalf of the company on their forum which could be used by consumers as a buying decision. It’s similar to a store assistant in a shop telling you X,Y,Z which then turns out to be false – the store would be held liable and you would be owed any monies paid.


Thats not the way to ceep happy customers,

If you pay for base scenery

You shood get the uppdates for free,



Very confusing Aerosoft…