Aerosoft Announces Development of Airbus Series for Microsoft Flight Simulator

Aerosoft Airbus Microsoft Flight Simulator

Whilst the news seemed inevitable that Aerosoft would bring their series of Airbus aircraft to the world of Microsoft Flight Simulator, it has today been confirmed that development has entered the very early stages. It is confirmed that the A320/A321, A318/A319 and the A330 will all make an appearance in the new simulator at some point in the future.

Shared by Mathijs Kok on the forums, three people are currently working on the systems for the aircraft and over the next few months that team will grow to six. Whilst Aerosoft are welcoming comments and feedback, it must be made clear that they are in the very early stages of development and this post serves more as a piece of information rather than a preview and feature blowout. The team aren’t likely going to have much to share for some time, but to avoid any doubt, Aerosoft will be bringing the series of planes to the new simulator.

It is also confirmed that these aircraft will continue to focus on day-to-day operations for the aircraft and will not feature systems that very rarely happen in real-world operations. It was also confirmed that these aircraft are completely new builds and will feature many new pieces of technology thanks to the new engine of Microsoft Flight Simulator. The preview shared is of some very early work and modelling and texturing hasn’t really started yet.

It must be absolutely stressed that development on the Airbus series does not mean work on the CRJ or Twin Otter has stopped or delayed, as both aircraft will come before the Airbus series.

You can follow the full thread on the Aerosoft forums, but Mathijs has made it clear that right now replies will be limited to when there is new information. He does, however, want constructive feedback to help shape the future of the development.


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