Aerosoft Announces CRJ-700/900/1000 Professional for P3D

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Developer Aerosoft has announced over on their forum that they are working on a redesigned CRJ family including the 1000 variant for P3D V4.5.

In the forum post, Hans Hartmann, the lead developer of the CRJ, promises a revamped CRJ-700/900 as well as an additional 1000 series for P3D. There is little remanence from the original CRJ with this release with all exterior modelling to include PBR textures, new HD virtual cockpit also equipped with PBR textures. Within the cockpit, the CRJ will have dimmable lights, Trueglass integration, electronic flight bag with NavData and Navigraph compatibility as well as coupled VNAV as standard for the -1000 but optional for the -700/900 models. To showcase some of the features in action, Aerosoft has created two videos to demonstrate the moving map on the EFB and internal cockpit lights.

Hartmann also states that they plan to add features after the initial release which will probably include compatibility with the PMDG Global Flight Operations support as soon as the GFO SDK is made available from PMDG as well as support for a connected flight deck. As long as its technically viable, Aerosoft plan to release the CRJ for Microsoft’s upcoming Flight Simulator.

We are assured that all the bug fixes in the new version will also be made available for the existing CRJ for P3D and FSX without having to purchase the new version.

Hartmann mentioned that they are close to announcing the beta test programme and would require lots of testers in order to have the aircraft ready for release as quickly as possible. keep an eye on the CRJ Support forum for more information regarding beta testing.

There have been no comments regarding estimated release date and price but if you have any other questions, Hans has invited any comments or questions on the forum, below the announcement.

Feature List

  • CRJ-1000
  • All exterior models reworked with full PBR
  • Completely new HD Virtual Cockpit with full PBR
  • Trueglass Integration
  • Fully dimmable cockpit lights
  • Coupled VNAV as standard for the CRJ-1000 and optional for the CRJ-700 and -900
  • Electronic Flightbag with full NavData Pro Charts and Navigraph Charts integration
  • Customizable views
  • Numerous other improvements and bug fixes
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