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Aerosoft Airbus A318/319 Professional Series to Release In June

Aerosoft 319 Pro P3dv4 4

Usually, the updates from Aerosoft regarding the Airbus Professional series contain some brand new screenshots or an update on development progress. However, what is usually missing is a timeframe of when we can expect the series of planes to be released. It’s been known for a while now that Aerosoft have a release system in mind once the first of the packs hit, but what wasn’t known is when the first of those would be released. Today, Mathijs confirmed that the release date for the Airbus A318/319 Professional series is due to be on June 26th.

In his post on the Aerosoft forums, he describes how the meeting today was both full of good news and not so good news. The good news is that the propulsion system is progressing fine, with just smaller details now being worked on. Further good news is that there are some brand new voices for the checklist and smaller details like cockpit lighting is now complete.

On the flip side, the MCDU, the FMS and AP still have some issues to resolve. Mathijs described the MCDU as “the most complex bit of code” that the team have ever done, so testing has been slower than expected. However, he did say that this will be the most advanced Airbus MCDU currently available in the sim.

A new preview topic will be started this week with information on final pricing, updated box information, manuals and more.

Finally, the release date has been described as “non-negotiable.” At the bottom of his post, he snuck in a release date in white text (you need to hover over it), which as said at the top of this post is June 26th. Just be aware, release dates sometimes do move.

Looking back over what was originally said, this would then be the release plan*:

  1. A318/A319 Professional
    Then 2 weeks later
  2. A320/A321 Professional
    Then 5 weeks later
  3. A318/A319 Professional & A320/A321 Profession service Pack 1
    This Service pack will replace the current PFD and ND with newer version that are better in resolution and designed to be used in 2d mode (the other gauges should already work in 2d mode at that time)
    Unknown period later, but we guestimate something like 4 weeks after the service pack
  4. A330 Professional

*I’ve personally edited this a bit so it makes more sense. Original forum post.

So based on that, we should have the A330 in around 11 weeks after June 26th, which would make it around the first week of September for release.

We’ll continue to update you on progress of development!

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First before 50 comments slating Aerosoft….

You are straight up psychic Jon! Amazing – : )

I really hope, for Aerosoft’s sake, that they can pull this off. In my eyes, this really is make or break for them as a developer. They produce some good quality products but sadly have lost of a lot of confidence from the community. If they disappoint people again, I think it would be a hard job to recover.

Yes, you’re correct. But when people fight negative comments with more negative comments, how is it to be solved? An eye for an eye makes the whole world blind.

Not entirely, Oliver. What I meant (maybe not described correctly) is the the fact that haters gonna always hate and unfortunately from a sociological point of view, negative voices are usually heard better, marked more often than positive ones, no matter if they have a constructive argument background or not.

IMHO it’s a cancer of many communities, in our it became visible especially in last few years.

As if it wasn’t obvious enough, but thanks for reminding me. I think the reason behind the latter part of your reply is a result of the former.

@Oliver, to be honest there are too reasons why they lost some confidence.

First, true – they messed it partially because culmination of delays through some products.

Number two – because there is a huge group of people who have nothing better to do than complaining, riding them like on mare. And I’m afraid this is the main reason. I watch the reactions in various communities since two decades and flight sim one became like many others – even when product is great, there always will be group of people who will do everything to find a reason to complain and they will articulate it 10x more often than mention all good things.

Unfortunately many (but not all of course) of those comments are unjustified and many arguments are simply taken from ass.

All comments like anywhere else can be divided in three groups – written by: 1. Haters, 2. Fanboys and 3. People who try to be objective and reasonable.

Unfortunately tendency for the last group is decreasing and we are definitely in minority. And it seems like haters takes the largest piece of floor now.

Promised June 26th as non-negotiable. And here it is 27th and still no product after 13+ months😳😳

I give up on Aerosoft after purchasing the CRJ. Mathijs Kok’s attitude is extremely horrible towards their customer. Cocky and unresentful.

Moan moan moan moan moan moan. Am I missing something? Have Aerosoft been taking advanced sales? Have you all already paid out for the professional series? No? What the **** are you complaining about then? If you think its going to be a bugged out mess for years to come just don’t buy it. Its simple. You will save me having to read all this drivel. Oh no it won’t actually as you will still find something to moan about.

Flightsim community my ****.

In the meantime, Aerosoft can take my money and I’ll help them iron out any bugs still present.

Aerosoft will soon face difficult times. They kept on cheating the community and now they might approach their total and final closure. Let’s see what happens next.

@Mark, and you opinion is made on?

So far I see no sign/reason why AS would close their business so I wonder what info we do not have, you have. Would you share it with us?

Miles Harrison

Ouch to alot of these comments. They had heavy competition in FS labs and had to up their game, with without the crap that went down with FSlabs, they were well behind the ball park. I will stick with FS labs personally but the aerosoft delay is due to that they want to get closer to FSlabs but cannot match the complexity of FSlabs. Will be an interesting match up of Aerosoft v FSlabs but we know they will not conquer, but will still sell well.

Faelandaea Dravin

They may have had “competition” in FSLabs, but I will go Aerosoft for my route. i don;t particularly like the idea of installing FSLabs products after they got called out for installing malware on people’s computers. And if anyone even thinks they took that styuff out of their installer just because they SAID they did … ROFL … they are definitely living under a rock.

I have been using Aerosoft for years, and while I agree that some of their representation on the forums can be a bit short as far as replies go, at least they haven;t tried to install malware on my PC. I want a bus, but not at the risk of my banking and financial information being used for malicious purposes.

@Miles Harrison, you can’t be more wrong about it.

Even Mathijs said long time ago that both companies have different customer targets with focus on different details/features so not sure what “matching up FSLabs’ complexity” you are talking about.

Aerosoft never planned to complete with FSLabs. They are two tottally different products with different features, for example, while FSlabs focuses on items such as failures, Aerosoft are working on a whole new Connected FLight Deck system which has never been attempted before. They never intended to get close to FSLabs. Also dont forget, this is not a portover from FSx, its a brand new product compiled from the ground up

Maxkillers “Maxkillers Gaming”

so sometime by chrismtas got it!

we’ve seen this before with the CRJ.. June, July… Aug…. (we are still working on bugs)…. Sept…. Oct ( something came up)…… Nov …. I don’t need to go on. 2021 release.

Anyway could care less about this…. it will be bug ridden and full of patches for a year after 2021.

Quite a few times considered buying it, but the whole mess, the bad attitude, but mainly the problematic CRJ, update after update, so i never bought it. But, being a modest casual simmer, i would have bought the basic FSL if there was one without deep systems or failures, if it was close to the 737 PMDG price range…but alas for v4, for a bus there is only the gimme 157 euros option, such is my wish that the AS bus can fulfill the basic functional trip to fly from A to B, program an ILS, RNAV or VOR approach where applicable and not land like a brick. No i owned XP11 and was fighting the JAR there, and i tried v4, only to see that besides FSL there is no alternative, and monopoly is not a good thing, in either sims.

forget about the CRJ then… did you own the previous version? Remember that whole show? I’m guessing no.

Obviously, you are judging and condemning the CRJ release and it’s problems, although you say you don’t care you clearly bash a product that is not released yet, and claim it will be bug ridden, i guess it is your happy hour where your from…

I’ve heard this before…….$50 Aerosoft pushes back the release date.

They need a fixed date as the release has been dragged out long enough. Aerosoft need to get a product out ideally before, or definitely close to when the FSL A319 becomes available.

Alex……I don’t disagree. That’s why it’s foolish of them to disclose a release date. Especially this early on when they are still working out the kinks. It doesn’t make any sense! They are setting themselves up for failure.

You’d win. Release dates are *always* pushed back in flightsim. No matter what developer (unless the developer works in stealth mode, which is the opposite of what AS does). Everyone knows that. But people will still *always* complain about it.

So what about the A330? You have left a blank on that one

Read the forums

Not a happy camper

I hope that they don’t blow it completely, for the sake of everyone that’s been waiting for this. Prove me wrong Aerosoft.

Some of you from your pedestal and in the twilight of your niche, know it all bubble, the vast majority is happy, and considers this, the Most Wanted Airbus… there is a saying from the ancient ones…To Δις εξαμαρτείν, ουκ ανδρός σοφού…

And i guess JP it’s the know it all, insult the different opinion from yours where your from

Yes it is, i also wish for the shake of competition, that not at the same level as the top of the line FSL and it’s contender the FF one, that we can have a good airbus for A to B, visually nice, and most basic systems operational, in a modest price, so we don’t have to pay as much for the top buses, even though they do deserve it.

what does any of this mean??? The twilight of your niche?? Know its all bubble??

Apparently its happy hour where your from.

Are we talking about this years June or June in like the next century?

I couldn’t give a flying fuck. The whole aerosoft Airbus episode has been a mess. I have the FSLabs version now and I’ll stick with that. They should have just ported the aerosoft Airbus across to P3d without all the nonsense bits that have delayed the release and then upgraded ìf they wanted. I’ve only so much patience

Not a happy camper

@Alex that’s not the point. The new A320 series is a whole new product, with a bunch of updates. They did initially say that any updates for P3D v4 would make their way into the v3 version, but that apparently changed when they got forever behind schedule.

Well, last time I checked, my 32bit version of the aerosoft airbus still worked.

no. That was after they realized they cannot port it. All up until that point they said they will do so. They like many others has pre release version of the sim for months! They played with it.

Their story keeps changing. Now the 32bit is up in the air too (something they said they will certainly support). Basically, a total farce

They explained why they didn’t port it across the v4. Here, I’ll quote the topic for you:

“Are these updates of the old version?

No, they are fully new builds. The 32 bits versions had some code in it that was close to 7 years old and was holding us back. So we decided to redo a lot of the modules and graphics to modern standards. Around 60% of the modeling and textures are new and more then 75% of the code is new…

What platforms is this for?

We start with versions for P3D v4.2 (older versions of P3D have a bug that will prevent it to work) and will consider 32 bit versions as long as that makes commercial sense. To be honest the 32bit platform sales are drying up pretty fast and we do believe we got a good product for that platform at this moment. No decision will be made any time soon on that.

A bigger mess than the FSLabs scandal? Right.

26th June. After 300+ pages of posts on their forums, over 2 years, the question is: will it or won’t it?

The point is that the wing as in the current version looks too stiff. It would be better if they could, not simulate wingflex, but make it look like there’s some minor torsion along the main wing spar permanently. IMO that would be more realistic than the current wing.

Thanks, I knew that. The way you put your question sounded like you were asking THE question that has plagued this product from day 1. “Will it, or won’t it, have wingflex?” :).

Release on 26th June.

Quote from Aerosoft on wingflex:

“On the smaller busses not (we simply have never seen the high frequency very small movements of the wings done well, they are remarkably stiff wings) and adding it just adds a load of complexity and development cost. Of course the A330 has wingflex, it has much larger and much less stiff wings”



So they are releasing the 319 unfinished to coincide with the fsl release

These developers are all crooks that think we are stupid

june 2019? k


perfect flight


brilliant examples m8. how many of these are still in business?

and pmdg puts out at least 1 current product at any given time. they always have SOMETHING on the market.

Yes yes, give me the name of a developer that doesn’t delay the release date? Perfect Flight? Abacus? PMDG (they never give any). 🙂 I’d have thought by now that the FS community would have learned something about release dates. And still, sometimes we’re pleasantly surprised.

either that or it will be another CRJ all over. they flat out said its not fully functional. just wait for patches for the next 8 months.

26th june?,hahahahahahahaha. There will be a safe delay, you will see. Delaysoft does not disappoint