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It’s time for another status update from the much awaited Airbus from Aerosoft. Ever since the release of Prepar3d v4 fans have been eagerly awaiting this plane. However, it seems that this plane is seemingly further and further away on the horizon. Matthijs Kok took to the Aerosoft forums with a big status update in a brand new forum post.

Airbus A318/319/320/321

Initially, the idea was to update the current Airbus family to Prepar3d v4. This update was expected only a few months after the release of P3DV4 and was supposed to be ready sometime during last summer. However, this project kept being delayed and delayed. Furthermore, this update was supposed to be free.

This is now no longer the case. They have cleverly “rebranded” the current product line to their “Professional” tier, which, as we all know, will require an upgrade fee. Aerosoft justifies this by stating that a lot of the code that is being used on the Airbus family is new, and as such, this is a new product. They have already stated these versions will be released ‘for sure this year’, so here’s to hoping they will keep this promise. This is the second rebrand of this product, initially dubbed ‘Airbus 2018 edition’.

A 32-bit update for the A320 family is also underway. This one will follow after the release of the A330, about which you can read below.

Airbus A330

Also rebranded “Professional”, and delayed until next year. Matthijs states that their focus is currently on the A320 family and the A330 will follow after that. A release window was not given, other than ‘next, early next year’.


Though the pricing of neither the A320 family nor the A330 is yet known, Matthijs went on to state that updates of the A320 family will cost you about half of the price of the original product. Full versions will cost just under 50EUR. And, I quote: ‘prices can always change’.

It seems the days of ‘we don’t think it makes sense to pay again for a product you already own and paid for’ are gone with Aerosoft.


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It certainly is getting interesting. AS dropped the ball on the busses big time. So did FSL tbh. Both were without pants when v4 came.. PMDG is milking it tho. Good for them (even if i cant stand some of their staff forum posters)

Aerosoft is too late, FSlabs will eat all customers and no one will buy another a320. This way Aerosoft will learn the hard way the consequences of being very late !!!

i hated the aerosoft airbus series even before there was the FSLabs a320 ….. but had to do at that time as there was nothing else….

An update that contains enough new files will always cost you. Look at the previous versions of the a320. But you don’t need to pay again if you switch simulator. If you own fsx se an$ switch to p3d you don’t have to rebuy the product unlike other developers.